Being a natural fibre, it 'breathes', which makes it comfortable to wear. It finds use in almost all applications such as Apparel, Home Décor, Crafts and Quilting. We deal in the following cotton fabrics:-

Batik :- Batik is a process similar to tie-dye. However, instead of tying the fabric, wax is melted and applied to resist the dyes. The process is repeated for other colours until the desired design or effect is achieved, after which the wax is removed. It is made on medium weight plain-weave cotton fabric. Used for shirts, skirts, summer dresses and sarongs - also home décor.
Madras :- It is a medium-weight plain weave cotton fabric with a stripe, plaid or check pattern. Used mainly in Apparel manufacturing.
Organdy :- Thin, transparent lightweight plain weave fabric with a crisp finish. Used for Dresses, Blouses and Shirts. Also used for Table linen.
Seersucker :- A lightweight fabric crinkled into lengthwise stripes. Used mainly in spring/summer sportswear.
Voile :- Lightweight plain-weave fabric made from a high yarn count and construction - almost sheer. Used in both, Apparel and Table linen.
Patchwork :-
Wool-Cotton Jacquard :-